Statement from the Chairman

The Parish Council has received a number of emails regarding our position with regards to dogs on leads in the park.  We know there has been some concern raised from some users of the park, following the open spaces committee decision to erect signage requesting dogs to be kept on a lead. 

We are pleased that the park is enjoyed by many users, and it is our overall objective to encourage the responsible use of this open space by all those who visit.  It is not to alienate different users of the residents and taxpayer’s park, but to encourage everyone to think of others.  It is recognised that the vast majority of dog owners are responsible, and we have evidence of this by the amount of usage of the dog bins installed around the park get – which are emptied weekly.   

What we are ultimately seeking here is to politely ask that everyone uses the park in the same responsible way as the majority.  It is worth clarifying that there was no decision made by the open spaces committee to enter into any consultation for taking formal action here, such as applying for PSPOs.  The resolution delegated the wording of any signage to be the clerk and another councillor.  However, this decision will now be brought to full council, so all members can review it.

Finally, there have been queries regarding the use of Hextable Village Life in the village, and whether it is used by the council.  There is no connection between the Hextable Village Life Facebook group and Hextable Parish Council, and the council does not monitor any Facebook groups.  Some, but not all, of the councillors are members of Hextable Village Life, in a purely personal capacity.  All queries to the council, or indeed any of the committees, should be made directly to Hextable Parish Council.

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