Swanley Foodbank Closing

The local Swanley & District Foodbank, which is presently situated at 11 Lynden Way Swanley, has been given notice to leave these premises by end of this year. We have contacted everyone we can think of from the MP to Sevenoaks Laura Trott to County, District and Town Councils, and Churches with no success. We have looked at leasing other properties, but either the rents are too high, or the property is for purchase only; either a house or a business property in central Swanley would be suitable. We are now desperate and need help or the alternative is that Swanley and the surrounding area will lose a much used, valuable asset for those families in Swanley who need our kind of help. 

If you can help us in any way please contact us on 07798 872 573 and ask to speak to our Chair Mr John Kaan or email info@swanleydistrictfoodbank.org.uk and the message will be passed to him. Thank you. 

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